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Jim Greiner

Our Mission

Welcome to our Community Drumming website! We'd like to emphasize that the mission of our site is to make drumming enjoyable and an integral part of your life.

Communitydrumming.com was designed to be an interactive and learning environment that promotes recreational drumming.

Group drumming succeeds when participants play their parts with a spirit of community, which will create rhythms that groove and unite. Individual practice is also suggested to help build skill and confidence.

We encourage you to contribute your ideas and comments. Once again our goal is to make drumming fun for all people.

Let the Rhythm Flow!

By Jim Greiner and Latin Percussion

Jim Greiner Conducts Drumming Event
At the 2014 Wharf To Wharf Race

LP Artist Jim Greiner recently conducted a community drumming session for the 2014 Wharf To Wharf Race at the Santa Cruz, California Beach Boardwalk to inspire 16,000 runners. This is the 42nd year of this event, and Jim's 22nd time conducting this session. The Wharf To Wharf Race follows the beautiful Monterey Bay coastline beginning at the Santa Cruz Wharf and ending at the seaside village of Capitola.

This event has raised millions of dollars over the years for area youth athletic programs, and includes elite American and African runners, and a wide range of other people of all ages. Jim teaches, performs and conducts drumming sessions worldwide for corporate team building, conference keynotes, community groups, schools and private celebrations through his company, Hands-On! Drumming®